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Halloween National Anthem (probably)

Why Halloween is the best Holiday

Now, I know what your're thinking. Why would you say something like that. Shouldn't Christmas be the best holiday? And to that I say, no. You see, Halloween is the best holiday because you get to be someone other than yourself. You also get free candy. In addition to that, the decorations are alot cooler too. While Christmas is bright and happy, Halloween decorations are a lot darker (in the sense that the don't have as much light, because that hurts my eyes sometimes) Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I love Halloween a lot better

History of Halloween


While Halloween itself is very old holiday, many of it's customs are more recent, but they date back to as far as the Celtic festival Samhain, as well as Christian influences. In this section, I will give a breif History of Halloween, though I high recommend looking at the Halloween Wikipedia page.

Part 1: Samhain

Samhain (pronouced Saw-win) is an ancient Celtic festival that celebrates the Harvest and is the begining of the Celtic winter, or darker half of the year. It is also believed that this was the time of year when the veil between our world and the otherworld was at it's thinest. On Samhain, people would light bonfires, wear masks to scare away the spirits from the other world, and would carry around carved turnips.
A Carved turnip.
Eventually, the Catholic Church would move ther holiday, All Saint's Day to November 1st to help smooth conversion of the Celts.

Part 2: Catholic Influences

By the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church had reached Ireland, but the Celts were skeptical. In order to convince them to join Christianity, the church decided to move All Saints Day next to Samhain. In a similar move, the church also put Christmas next to another Celtic holiday (I'm too lazy to look uo what holiday it was). To convince the Celts further, the Church incorporated many of the Pagan traditions into the Christian ones. Samhain became All Hallow's eve, or All Saint's Eve, later contracted to Hallowe'en, and then Halloween. One of the traditions from around this holiday was souling, giving prayers for loved ones to recieve soul cakes. This is the precursor to trick-o-treating.

An Image of Soul Cakes

Soul Cakes, which used to be handed out instead of candy.

Part 3: Halloween In North America

In the 19th, many Irish and Scottish Immigrants came to North America, and with them came many of their customs and celebrations. On Halloween Night, the kids of the Immigrants would go out and pull pranks, and evantually, kids from Canada and the U.S. would join them. This would become Mischeif Night. Then, in the 1910's, the first record of people going from door to door collecting treats appeared. This was guising, related to souling and mumming. This would evantually evolve into Trick-o-Treating. Before the 1940's, Halloween pranking accross the nation was rampant. It got to the point where officals and citizens decided to come together and stop it. The solution? Trick-o-Treating (and hence, the name). During the 40's, sugar rationing prevent much Trick-o-Treating, but then after the war, Halloween really took off.

Part 4: Halloween In the Modern Day

After the war, Halloween really took off in the United States. Year by year, Americans spent more money on Halloween. IN the 70's, an event would change Halloween forever. In 1974, Ronald Clark O'Bryan killed his son, Timothy, with cyanide laced Pixie Stix to collect insurance money. HIs intial story of a stranger handing him the poisoned candy lit the fire that is the candy poisoning myth. Today, more "safer" alternatives include Church sponsored Trunk-o-Treating, and other variations of trunk-o-treating. In many towns today, they don't celebrate Halloween on the 31st, and restrict trick-o-treating to children under 12. Though there are many factors to consider, Halloween is still the best hoilday.

Things to do on Halloween

Here are some things to do on Halloween night:


Trick-o-Treating is one of the most popular things to do on Halloween night, if not, the most popular thing to do.

Every Halloween night across America and the world, thousands if not millions of kids (and adults) go door to door looking for goodies and other assorted items.

Among the most popular of these items are candies, though homemade goods, coins, other foods, and little novelty toys.

In addition, there is an alternative for more rural communities, or for people who want their kids to be safe.

Trunk and/or Treating

Halloween Parties

During Halloween, many people may enjoy party rather than got Trick-o-Treating. Halloween Parties seem to predate Trick-o-Treating by a little. A popular thing to do while at the party is to bob for apples, though other things can go on. Other Halloween Party activities include Contests and games. All in all, this is a very popular thing to do on Halloween. (I'm terrible at writing sentences latly.)

Having to puke

you know what you did ;)

Spooky Scary Skeletons

The Same joke, twice.

List of Halloween Movies (No Horror)

«A List of Halloween Movies that I have watched»



See you next year, losers

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